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About Us

Entovista – the sustainable protein company – is dedicated to educating the UK public of the benefits of eating insects, and providing them with high quality produce from our locally based cricket farm.

Our Vision

To set the standards across UK for cricket farming for human consumption.

Our Mission

Of a world where insects are valued for the tasty, nutritious and sustainable food source they are.

Our Values


We endeavour to rear the finest quality produce by continually improving our production and processing


Insects are a new ingredient for the western consumer and our aim is to build consumer trust and confidence


Insects are a nutritious and sustainable food source, and should be made accessible to all

About Our Insects

Our crickets are farmed in a bespoke-built and controlled facility in Cumbria, UK.

Through continually improving production and processing, Entovista guarantee nutritious, safe and, most importantly, tasty produce.

Products Available

Cricket powder

Dried whole crickets

Why Insects?

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